Service areas of AOX

AOX Technologies

The offering of AOX Technologies is focused on the basic software layers of embedded devices for abstraction, but especially for the optimal use of the available hardware resources. 

No matter if bare-metal, with an RTOS like QNX or under Linux and Android on performance cores, hardware and system related software is our specialty.  
AOX experts bring every embedded system up to speed with their experience and competence in the field of high-performance computing.

Starting with the design and support for the definition of the software architecture up to the complete serial implementation of hardware-related software layers and performance-relevant services, the teams of AOX Technologies are reliable development partners in customer projects. 

We use our expertise for performance especially in the areas of graphical applications. We are experts in transporting large amounts of high-frequency data, in rendering, encoding and decoding, and in capturing technologies for graphical content and video streams. We complement this focus with impressive expertise in connecting different display technologies.

Did you know?

When it comes to "QNX & Linux fine-tuning", AOX is in a class of its own.
Quite self-confident?
Yes, but also demonstrable: With a lot of experience and know-how we can tune QNX and Linux to your specific needs and solve even the most difficult challenges.
Feel free to challenge us!

AOX Connect

The AOX Connect offer targets the system-related software layers of the connectivity ECUs of "Connected Cars". We classically distinguish between the communication of ECUs within the vehicle (IOC based on AUTOSAR, Ethernet, CAN), versus the communication of the vehicle to the outside, e.g. via a TCU (especially V2C but also V2I, V2V, V2X) and support both with dedicated teams.
Networking in and around the vehicle is increasing at breakneck speed, whether in infotainment, navigation, or vehicle safety,

battery management, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. AOX Connect supports automotive manufacturers and suppliers in this change with regard to the development and optimization of modern software architectures and platforms (Automotive.OS), efficient embedded software development, and the sometimes complex integration and validation, especially in consideration of automotive standards (FuSa, CySec, ASPICE). AOX is present as a reliable development partner at our customers' sites and of course also nearshore and offshore.

AOX Drive

AOX Drive works closely with the customer's management and teams to solve tasks and challenges in the best possible way. This vertical integration is a unique selling point of AOX Drive and enables the direct and fast implementation of solution approaches. This horizontal competence spectrum distinguishes AOX from well-known development companies on the one hand as well as from established consulting firms on the other hand. 

We offer strategic evaluations and assessments of new technologies and the design of future-oriented system and software solutions, for example for e-drives, automated driving and far-reaching connectivity in cars.

Innovative OEMs use AOX Drive expertise for review, iteration and definition of modern software-defined vehicles (SDV). We set standards in the future-proof alignment and transition of existing systems to a modern E/E architecture. In doing so, we prepare high-frequency, end-customer-relevant functional enhancements through a clear cloud-TCU cockpit axis, as well as functionally relevant updates and security patches for software in the safety-critical area of the vehicle or in homologation-relevant domains.

Current problem solutions also include the takeover and management of task forces to bring customer projects into successful production ramp-ups despite high error levels and insufficient stability.