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Cases from our service area "AOX Technologies"

Software architecture for German premium car brand

The integration of system components from different manufacturers repeatedly caused unnecessary effort for this customer.  
The same functionality was implemented device-specifically with different proprietary solutions and was error-prone due to historically grown feature scopes and no longer able to meet performance requirements.  
AOX architects supported the customer in the design phase for the next system generation in the selection of key components and defined a uniform protocol that avoided the existing problems and at the same time made the components more testable by decoupling them. 
From the architecture proposal to the protocol specification and corresponding requirements, a solution from expert hands with support up to series production readiness.

Software feature implementation and integration for global automotive supplier

In the series development phase with a complex project structure, we assume responsibility for the feature implementation and integration of complete components and subsystems. 
From architecture definition and coordination of interfaces with all project participants to continuous implementation and delivery according to feature plan, this phase is implemented by AOX with experienced architects and developers in an optimal technical and organizational way. In this project in particular, our ability to scale efficiently through offshore partners and to integrate and manage them throughout the entire project cycle was demonstrated.

Software profiling/optimization for German premium car brand

The startup of the customer's system takes far longer than required, the exact reasons are not known. Experts from AOX were able to quickly identify the main causes for the slow startup using AOX profiling tools and support the customer with optimization suggestions to bring the startup into the target range. More detailed investigations and the implementation of optimization suggestions to fully achieve the performance goals are then continuously monitored by an AOX Performance Team.

Cases from our service area “AOX Drive”

Task force support for a highly integrated dashboard concept

The customer, a Tier 1 company, was looking for a solution to the problems created by the specified and required integration of complex perimeters of the vehicle cluster. 
The entire project for a leading OEM was brought into a task force organization. The aim was to ensure the first start-up of a new all-electric premium vehicle and also to secure the subsequent start-ups of other series. 
To this end, AOX Drive Management and senior experts developed and led an intensive two-week engineering assessment. The most important project teams and the engineering management of the Tier 1 company participated in this assessment. Also involved were the OEM's management and project stakeholders. 
As a result, a detailed work plan with weekly tracking was approved. At short notice, AOX brought in further competence teams on the autosar and testing scopes into the project and supported the project management, the priority management and the solution development of the specific problem with own experts until the successful start of production.

Task force support for quick resolution on a project with central control unit

Central control units have evolved from earlier Body Controller Modules (BCM), but include more and more critical functionality and bring growing complexity. 
The project teams of one of the leading Tier 1 companies, spread over different locations, were confronted with the problem of switching from a previously known dual-core concept to a triple-core structure in a late project phase due to higher requirements for cyber security and functional safety. Schedule and provision of elementary functionality for the OEM's test phases could no longer be met. 
The solution: AOX brought hands-on experts with many years of experience into the project. Working closely together and in a leading, central role, they solved the most critical problems and enabled the project teams to handle the complex tasks.

Concept of a new light module

A Tier 1 company that previously supplied conventional ECUs was to respond to an RFQ for a premium OEM (for a new type of ECU that the OEM was planning for a central lighting control unit). 
AOX Drive supported the supplier's team in analyzing functional requirements, system design, selecting key components, and developing a software concept for the product. This included setting up and guiding clarifications with chip suppliers as well as coordinating with software vendors for Autosar and other software scopes. In close cooperation with the supplier's management and team as well as the OEM, initial sample phases were successfully implemented - and the Tier 1 company was able to win the contract.

Battery management software for a new electric car

AOX was tasked to design the battery management system for an electric vehicle of a new Asian OEM. Our AOX Domain Experts analyzed the requirements and operating modes of the new system and supported the OEM's project team with basic know-how, dimensioning and initial modeling. Especially the combination of conceptual design and model-based software were of greatest value in the customer project.

E/E architecture for a new vehicle concept

A new OEM requested the analysis of existing and future E/E architectures for its first all-electric vehicle. AOX Drive showed current development statuses and the realization of today's series and worked out target solutions for the new supplier. 
The availability and applicability of central high-performance components had to be evaluated as well as the possibilities and alternatives of higher functional integration. 
Advanced infotainment and ADAS/AD solutions were worked out, as well as central data communication and control systems to meet over-the-air updates, online diagnostics, and cyber security and functional safety requirements.  
AOX also evaluated and proposed additional battery and drive concepts and supported the OEM's project teams with critical expertise. This was also done in coordination with key suppliers and in the design of initial vehicle test samples.

Cases from our service area “AOX Connect”

High-performance software maintenance for leading global automotive supplier

AOX has taken over the maintenance and further development of the AUTOSAR-based basic software on the I/O controller for infotainment systems and instrument clusters in the latest vehicle models of a German premium car brand. 
Even before the start of production, the maintenance and further development was safely taken over to stabilize and optimize the system in the complex interaction of OEM, Tier1 and other suppliers. For the one-time but also ongoing measurement and tracking of software quality and performance, appropriate tools have been integrated into the CI/CD process. The efficient software maintenance and performance optimization is the result of a passionate teamwork of integration, test and development experts, among others in the areas of diagnostics, lifecycle, flashing, functional safety and CAN communication, and the now well-known project and program management at AOX.

Body Domain Controller: Optimization of performance and software architecture for German premium car brand

Analysis and architecture consulting for various next-generation AUTOSAR-based body domain controllers (BDC). The focus was primarily on the urgently needed optimization of system performance. During a classic AOX X1 assessment, our AUTOSAR performance experts quickly gained a general understanding of the architecture and analyzed the multi-core architecture (including inter-core communication, task configuration, and ISR prioritization) based on the software requirements. As a result of the AOX X1 assessment, appropriate optimization measures were derived for the OEM, the supplier, the AUTOSAR stack provider, and the chip manufacturer. These were implemented and successfully realized as AOX X2 work packages by the various stakeholders as well as by AOX.