There are many good reasons for AOX - here are some of them.

Our teams?
The best!

The AOX core team has been working together successfully for many years. Proven industry experts and young talents regularly bring in a breath of fresh air.
We know and appreciate each other - especially the personal relationships and the dynamics that result from personal exchange. It is important to us that we work in a results- and solution-oriented manner, and that we treat each other as equals - regardless of roles and hierarchies.

Our standard?

AOX's company culture is the opposite of "hanging in the slipstream" or "driving with the handbrake on" - here you can and should want to "drive ahead" and achieve something with "full speed ahead". We make the difference in our projects and offer our customers exceptional performance. We can only achieve this with outstanding performance from all team members. But don't be afraid of excellence: that doesn't mean working 24/7! Rather, it means relevant know-how and expertise, commitment and ideally a touch of entrepreneurship, as well as the will to help shape something. Because where there is a will, there is always a way. You have high expectations of your employer and your colleagues? Let's go - it's a match.

Our culture?
Global & diverse.

Already today, more than ten different nations work successfully together in our international team. We live a culture of respect and appreciation - regardless of origin, age, gender or identity. We see diversity as an enrichment that opens up new perspectives, promotes exchange and helps us create high-performance teams from unique competencies.
We see your talent and support you individually in the best possible way - be it in relocation or integration on site (for example, in the search for an apartment, in visa matters or in the selection of suitable language courses).


You not only have 30 vacation days - at AOX you can also expect paid bridge days and paid days off on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. And even more: For special personal events, you are also entitled to up to two days of special leave, depending on the occasion.

In addition to these recreational opportunities, you also have the freedom to create time leeway in your daily work routine: going to a doctor's appointment in the morning and then to the office, going for a run in the afternoon and participating in a video call in the evening - all of this is possible. We have confidence in you and give you full flexibility in organizing your working hours.

Flexibility on all sides is important for the success of the team - because only together are we strong. This means that everyone in the team must do their job to the best of their ability and that everyone is there for the others when customers or colleagues need them. Depending on the position, travel may be necessary (currently mainly within Germany). Our team loves flexibility, because everyone benefits when they work together - with this claim, you will also be happy with us.

Our work environment?
@Home & in the Office.

We allow you to do both: work at home or in the office - depending on which activity you are pursuing, you need peace and concentration or an active exchange with colleagues on site. That's why we offer flexibility here, too. Combine an appointment abroad with a family visit? Why not - we talk to each other and find solutions that suit both sides.

Our offices offer you a modern working environment with ergonomically designed developer workstations and an excellent technical infrastructure. 

For certain positions there is also the possibility to work 100% remote. This is best suited near our OEMs and Tier1s, for example in Stuttgart, Munich, Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg or Frankfurt.

Not with us.

Where better to develop than in a team made up of outstanding experts who all want to achieve something? We don't want to isolate know-how, but rather make it transparent and transport it into our team so that we can all benefit from it together and individual potential can fully develop.

In order to pick you up in the best possible way, we organize an individually tailored induction and jointly develop possible perspectives for your personal and professional career development - even with flat hierarchies.

You can and should also get actively involved: You have an outstanding idea? Bring it to us - our innovation process gives you the space you need and we support you in driving the idea forward together as far as possible.

Celebrate success?
Yes, and much more.

Our favorite thing is to celebrate successfully completed projects! You have performed and contributed to the highest degree? Great - we honor that with exceptional recognition.

Even away from the projects, we regularly find occasions to get together. For example, at our annual New Year's or Christmas parties, in the summer at barbecues or at a get-together in the backyard.

Together, we regularly take part in various activities such as company runs or city cycling. We have season tickets for ice hockey, which you can use together with colleagues or family and friends. In addition, individual team events take place, for which you are welcome to contribute your ideas at any time. At AOX there is always a reason to celebrate ...

You are worth it to us.

Performance pays off! We value good performance very highly, which is why you will benefit from attractive and fair compensation. This is based on your tasks and expertise, among other things, and takes into account the current market and industry level.

In addition, we support your retirement provision with an employer's allowance as part of a group contract with a direct insurance company. 

Depending on your position, additional performance or success-based elements may be part of your overall package. Quite simply, the more AOX benefits you, the more you benefit from AOX.

Your health?
Let us support.

If you ever need medical advice, our company doctor is available to you; in addition to preventive examinations such as eye tests, he also offers telephone consultations.

If you would like to keep fit - for example with fitness, swimming or bouldering - we offer you a Hansefit membership with a low personal contribution. You prefer to do kilometers on the saddle? No problem: Then you'll be convinced by our subsidized bike leasing through Jobrad, which offers you the bike of your choice with attractive conditions.

So are we.

It goes without saying that we provide free mineral water, a wide selection of hot drinks and colorful fruit baskets as part of our employee catering. In addition, we subsidize the lunch provided in the office with a tax-free meal allowance.

Our candy bar is there to keep you going in times of stress - and you won't go empty-handed in the home office either, thanks to our care packages. So we can all stay hungry for excellence.