Automotive & Medical Embedded: Customers of AOX

Sophisticated, future-oriented, software-driven:

AOX serves customers whose embedded system and software challenges require absolute expert knowledge and experience.
We are proud of long-standing business relationships based on personal trust in our capabilities and on many successful series and concept projects.


AOX solves seemingly unsolvable software challenges in the automotive embedded sector and paves the way for software-driven vehicles and products. We work for all leading automotive manufacturers in Germany as well as for excellent Tier1 and Tier2 suppliers in the automotive embedded market.

Infotain, communicate, control

The increasing consolidation of complex ECUs with different operating systems leads to technological and development-specific challenges, the solution of which is our DNA. Here, our focus is on infotainment (IVI), telecommunication units (TCUs), body controllers and ADAS/AD.
AOX always supports the best possible technical operating system solution and customized system design. From the IO controller to the latest generation fully mature System-on-Chip (SOC), our focus is always on the customer. Already in the design and architecture we ensure end customer functionality, performance and predictable costs.

It flows: Teamwork & Data

All our projects are built on a detailed understanding of the underlying hardware - close and trusting cooperation with the leading chip manufacturers is essential for us. Our ever-growing network of experts ensures in-depth knowledge and understanding of chip structures. It enables us to clarify even very complex issues as quickly as possible and to realize the implementation on different operating systems (QNX, Linux or Android). At the same time, we are proven experts in separation technologies such as hypervisors and containers.
Our clear focus on operating systems is complemented by our unique expertise in the areas of graphics and video. The acquisition, processing and transport of high-frequency, large data volumes are clear AOX competence areas, which have been valued by our customers for many years.

Medical Embedded

The AOX headquarters is not only located in the traditional environment of well-known automotive suppliers, but also in the hotspot of medical technology. The implementation of embedded software projects with local customers is a natural consequence of the related basic technologies of medical technology. Some problems of our medical technology customers refer to technologies that have already been used in the automotive market for several years or to novel chip solutions that are applied in both markets.

This includes digital data interfaces, high-resolution video technologies and transmission protocols.

For the medical technology market, AOX offers core competencies in the areas of performance, operating systems and graphic solutions for moving and static image data. We regard the long-standing business relationship as a great sign of trust and the challenge to always face new innovative approaches to solutions.

Added value for the consumer embedded sector

Through our close contacts to the chip industry, customer relationships have also been established in the consumer embedded sector. Here AOX also delivers hardware-related software solutions with different operating systems. We also focus our offer on the reuse of knowledge and software in the area of graphical applications, which strongly benefit from the quality requirements of the automotive market and find direct application in the consumer embedded area of our customers.